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Creating opportunity for you to change your life.

Osella is an entrepreneurial recruitment consultancy with big ambitions. Based in Canterbury, we are a company at the beginning of an exciting journey!

Join the Recruitment Consultant Team in Canterbury.

With a truly international focus working with industry leading individuals and businesses, we will actively encourage you to get on the road / rail / in the air to build exciting relationships and work with some of the hottest names in the technology world. We work with cutting edge technology focused firms, and you could help the next Uber or Facebook grow their business!

You’ll have access to the latest recruiting tools, the most advanced technology as well as a one-to-one training plan to help you succeed. We’ll create the toolkit and show you how to use it – then it’s up to you to go out there and realize your full potential!

That’s all good, but what’s really in it for me?

Recruitment can be a highly lucrative, progressive and fulfilling career option. It really is a career where you get out what you put in, with scope for lots of entrepreneurial freedom.

The rewards on offer are based on your own performance (as well as a competitive starting salary) whether you want to travel the world, save up for a house deposit or simply progress your role and responsibilities to a level many local industries can’t facilitate, it could be a great platform for you!

But there are hundreds of recruitment companies why Osella?

We’re specialists, not generalists for one and we strive for the highest levels of client satisfaction – you will become a renowned expert in your field! Also, being based in Canterbury we can provide an opportunity typically associated with big City companies in a regional environment.

We invest in you.

We invest in you.

Everything we do is underpinned by bespoke training and investment in you as a person according to personal needs and skill sets.

The Osellaway


For Osella to fulfil its vision of being one of the best, we need to get the best talent on board to create a truly inclusive, fun and high-achieving culture.

We want to hire the most ambitious, talented and motivated individuals to be part of our journey and once they are part of Osella, it’s only the beginning!

You’ll be supported throughout your career, will learn something new every day with the opportunity to succeed and reach your personal and professional goals.

Hire the most ambitious, talented and motivated individuals

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