An Introduction

We work with experienced talent in the areas that we specialise in which gives us a greater understanding of the skills, experience and technology that is needed to take your business to the next level – whatever that may be.

You need the best suited technology talent for your business for your business. This doesn’t just mean at a skill level, it also means from a motivational and cultural point of view, it means from the point of views that are important to you. This is why we take a partnership-led, multiple approach consultancy based service offering.



At Osella, we understand that our clients cannot always predict their hiring requirements, as is the fastpaced and ever changing world we operate in.

Based on Success

Our contingent, success only based recruitment model is built on years of experience and positive results for companies across the globe.

Our processes and standards are underpinned by a service level commitment policy on delivery, timescales and follow up which can be adapted dependent on the role you are hiring for.


In terms of fees we work on a % of salary basis, reflecting the seniority of the roles we recruit for and the availability of the skills.

This approach is ideal for single hire additions to your teams, or where a successful hire is not so time critical.

Osella Value Add Services


Alongside our specialist bespoke approaches to filling open opportunities, Osella is a true human capital partner in offering wider products and services according to your business needs. We are happy to provide further details and insights on request.

Competitor Talent Mapping - Osella Technology

Competitor Talent Mapping

Our specialist approach allows for the creation of talent market overviews on a skill, geographical or industry basis.

Salary Surveys & Benchmarking - Osella Technology

Salary Surveys & Benchmarking

Working within the market, we can provide reports and guidance on salaries, benefits packages and wider incentives independently from, or in conjunction with our Talent Mapping offering.

Motivational Mapping- Osella Technology

Motivational Mapping

We provide you the insights into how to maximise performance from your new hires, or indeed your existing teams. Focusing on an individuals motivational drivers and dynamic levels of motivation, we provide consultative guidance on appropriate courses of action for maximum team performance.

Video Technology

• We can create personalised candidate introductions for client review
• We offer our clients the ability to present and promote their business and opportunity to prospective candidates.
• We can use technology to facilitate interview rounds via pre-set questions in video form.

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